Sequin Dresses Do’s and Don’ts – Buying Guide

From diva glamour to a dash of sassy sparkle, sequin dresses are in their class! When it comes to choosing the right level of glitz and glam for your personality and special occasion, you want to make sure you create the look that is perfect and polished (not difficult). See the tips below for sequin dress do’s and don’ts.

When Buying a Sequin Dress, Do

Mix and Match Fabrics

No rule says that your sequin party dress needs to have all the sequins from the neckline to the hem! Try a semi-formal dress with sequined bodices and tulle skirts or a two-piece party dress with satin halter tops and sequined pencil skirts.

Explore the rainbow

Sequined dresses don’t have to stick to classic metallic tones like gold and silver! Sequins come in every shade, so find a color that matches your complexion. From bold red and chic navy blue to subtle mauve pink or purple, find a color that’s right for you.

Separate day and nightwear

Go for dresses with fine sequin jewelry for daywear. Lace dresses with a scattering of sequins or dresses with a sequined collar or waistband have just a dash of sparkle to brighten your day. For a night out, you can pull out all the stops with a fancy party dress with allover sequins.

Choose Simple Cut

Since sequin dresses are already embellished with extraordinary detail, plunging necklines, ruffled hems or other glamorous features can overwhelm your look. Simple designs and silhouettes look great for sequins dresses.

Find the perfect fit

All eyes will be on you when you fall in love with the shiny sequins, so you want to make sure that your sequins dress fits you comfortably! Finding a size and design that complements your body type is key to showcasing your style in a sequin dress.

When Buying a Sequin Dress, Don’t

Go overboard

Your sequin dress is already a fashion statement! Adding sequined shoes, a sequined clutch and a shiny shawl is overkill. You want to please the eyes when you wear a sequin dress, don’t blind them!

Impersonate a rainbow

Since sparkle has already caught the eye, choose the main color for your sequin dress, and don’t choose more than 2 complementary colors for your accessories. Too many colors, like so many features, start to clash.

Bling it up

When you have so much shimmer already, less really is more. Skip the jewelry altogether, or choose a simple design that won’t compete with your stunning sequin dress.

Forget your event

You just want to keep the formality of the occasion and venue in mind so you can choose the right amount of sequin goodness. For example, a fancy wedding reception during the cocktail hour demands more sequin of decoration than the day of shopping with your friends. For casual and semi-formal occasions, avoid sequined faux gowns for formals and short party dresses with subtle sequin accents for casual or semi-formal affairs.

Ignore your body type

Sequins and embellished embroidery add volume to the silhouette. Light sequin accents can brighten your figure without weighing down your figure. The sequins dress at the half design can direct the eyes to a balanced silhouette. Pear-shaped figures with fuller hips can choose a dress with a sequined bodice and chiffon skirt. A curvy girl who wants to look good can choose a dress with a sequined skirt and a simple princess cut bodice.

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