Modern Collection of Gold Chain Designs – Top Collection Of Gold Chain Designs for Women 2020 – Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying a Gold Chain

  • Always check if the piece is embossed with the BIS Hallmark logo. It is important to assess the quality and purity of gold.
  • Insist on checking the weight in front of you and check it with the numbers on the bill.
  • On bargaining. Most stores charge you anywhere between 12% and 20% on average. It can go up to 40% in designer and branded shops. So, keep this in mind before choosing this place.
  • If you are looking at it as an investment, avoid stone chains. Only pure gold chains will give you a high exchange rate.
  • Check the length and width of the chain. Make sure it is neither too short nor too long. Also, make sure that the Chains make-up is strong and avoid designs that are fragile, as they can break easily.

Different Types of Gold Chain Designs For Women, or Necklace Designs

Simple Gold Chain

Let’s start with a basic series that works in a number of ways. You can wear it yourself or tie it with other chains to form a layered shape. Also, you can try adding colorful pendants to match your outfits. Upon closer inspection, you may notice that small links are seamlessly joining together to create a smooth texture. This chain weighs around 30 grams and is made with 22k gold.

Fancy Gold Chain

This designer gold chain is suitable for both men and women who love to make a statement with just one piece of jewelry. It comes with a 5 mm width to make it visible on your body. The best part is that you need not worry about adding any more accessories to it.

Gold Beads with Double Row Gold Chain

This gold chain design is made especially for young girls who want to stay ahead in the fashion world. Two chains of gold beads are attached to decorate your neck in a delicate pattern. 

 Inspired by the traditional anklet model, this series has all you need to look great on your Casual dress and Modren dress.

Flat Gold Chain

For someone who fancies wearing a gold bracelet, this pattern may be the best bet. The modern design lends vague charm and beauty to your outfit. Even without an extra pendant, this chain can give you all the attention you deserve. This shiny piece of jewelry can be worn in most of your outfits by changing the style of your style. 

Twirl Gold Chain

This charming chain design is made for college going girls, who prefer something sleek and chic! The short length chain lowers your neck slightly below the collar bone to sharpen it. You can choose a shiny diamond pendant and string it to look high. With a weight of 10 grams, this may be the best condition for daily use.

Twisted Gold Chain

Take a look at this dramatic chain featuring twisted gold fibers, including pin locks. Unique jewelry offers strength and flexibility to prevent breakage or lack of elasticity. This stand is worn like a chain to show the details, otherwise, you can add stone pendants to it. With a metal weight of over 20 grams, this chain is expensive.

Gold Ball Chain – Gold chain

If you are looking for a beautiful gold chain that works with all your outfits, go for this beaded gold chain. 

 Round beads made of 22k gold are collected leaving some distance between each. This chain is ideally worn with a pendant, but if you want to keep it lonely then choose a large ball chain.

Curb Style Gold Chain

 With so many women preferring to break down gender stereotypes, this statement is not surprising. Curb chains, usually made for men, are now available in the women’s jewelry category. It features heavy, long links and a curved curb that reflects light so you can shine like a star.

Braided Style Gold Chain

Made of pure 22k gold, this lit gold chain will make your neck look thinner. The sophisticated design features three-dimensional links, which seem to flow from each other. 

Although it looks huge, the metal weighs only 14 grams and is suitable for everyday wear. To enhance its shape, attach a statement pendant in colorful enamel work.

Long Gold Necklace

This wonderful piece is sure to steal your heart with its Complex description. The length of the chain is what you need to enhance the beauty of your dress. This versatile piece works with modern and ethnic combinations. You can also twist it to create a short length chain for a stylish look.          

Diamond Gold Chains – Diamond Necklace

Wearing diamonds is the best and most stylish. They enhance one’s overall personality. Men and women can wear diamond jewelry equally with style and elegance.

Men can light up diamond chains, rings, earrings, etc. while women have the option of storing diamond jewelry. Diamonds are women’s best friends. They are also a great gift selection.

 They may be expensive, but they may not be matched to shine, cut, or shine with any other piece of jewelry. This gold necklace design with diamonds is perfect for any occasion, weddings, parties, dinners, etc.

White Gold Chain

10K white gold is an alloy of 41.7% gold and other metals such as silver, zinc, and palladium. A ring or other piece of jewelry made out of 10K white gold will usually contain as much as 47.4% silver, 10% palladium, and 0.9% zinc, meaning less than half of the metal is pure gold. 

Like other types of white gold, it’s common for a rhodium coating to be applied to 10K white gold jewelry. This coating helps to protect the gold against rusting and makes it more durable.

On the contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as “pure” white gold. All white gold, whether it’s 10K, 14K, or 18K, develops its white tone from the mix of silver, zinc, and other metals used in its production.

Rose Gold Chain

10K rose gold is an alloy of 41.7% gold, as well as silver and copper. The most common alloy composition for 10K rose gold is 20% silver and 38.3% copper. Because of its copper content, rose gold has a warm, attractive pinkish-red color.

Just like white and yellow gold, 10K rose gold isn’t very pure. As a result, it’s color is noticeably duller than 14K and 18K rose gold. It’s popular for earrings and other mid-range jewelry but isn’t widely used for engagement rings. 

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