Best Women’s T-shirt Brands – Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing your favorite tee, there are a few factors to consider. First, how do you want the shirt to fit? If you’re hoping for a slim cut to accentuate up your figure, you’ll probably want to stay away from boxy designs. On the other hand, if you are just looking for a lounge, then you may need something looser.

Do you want your shirt to be more on the sheer side, or are you looking for more coverage? Literally – there are hardly some of the most comfortable T-shirts out there. If you are not about that life, make sure you are looking for a completely solid shirt.

Then, of course, you want to keep in mind the price points. On the one hand, a great staple T-shirt is practically invaluable. But on the other hand, how much are you willing to pay for a plain top, one of the most comfortable casual pieces in your wardrobe?

The Best T-shirt for Women Overall

Universal Standard Tee Rex

Universal Standard Brand

The Universal Standard is the largest size range of the brands included on this list. Women in sizes 00 to 40 can find their perfect t-shirt in a selection of branded shirts. And if you buy a piece from its Fit Liberty collection, the company will also replace your clothes for free if your size shifts either up or down within a year or so of purchase.

The Tee Rex, which is included in Fit Liberty, has it all: a little more fit, softer fabric, simple and well-designed silhouette, and comfortable for all-day wear. Thanks to the combination of Peruvian cotton, modal, and elastane, the shirt is soft and stretchy. The crew neck, curved hem, and lengthened sleeves give the shirt a drapey shape that lends itself to some room to breathe without losing your shape in the fabric. It fits your actual size well, but you may want to consider losing fit or down to a more slimming one also.

loved the feel of this fabric and the shape of the shirt— the curved hem is perfect for tucking into jeans.

The soft fabric drapes nicely come in many sizes, Fit Liberty will replace

your clothes for free if your size changes within one year of purchase.

Price $50

The Best Box – cut T-shirt

EverLane Brand

If you look and feel looser in your T-shirt, the Everlane Box Cut Tee is the way to go.

Finding a cool white t-shirt is not easy. Some people may say that finding a Moby Dick is just as difficult (although it would be wrong). Enter Everlane, a direct brand for consumers that are reinventing the ways to shop for basics. And that includes the white T-shirt, which we call the perfect white T-shirt.

As the name suggests, the Box Cut Tee is slightly boxer fit than the basic cotton crew. Overall, it’s a bit comfortable, with a very slight crop that gives it a more modern look. It has a comfortable feel to it, and a versatile silhouette that can be worn with literally anything. If you are into pockets, you have the option to buy a chest pocket shirt at no extra cost.

The pocket version of the Tee is available in a total of 13 colors, including a bright white and slightly ivory shade, while the plain Tee is available in nine different colors and some striped patterns.

Affordable, versatile, comes in 13 colors, transparent production processes.

Some customers have noted that the tee is a bit short on taller women.

Price $18

The Best Scoop Neck T-shirt

James Perse Brand

James Perse makes some very comfortable casual outfits around, and its Scoop Neck T-shirt is no exception to the rule.

Okay, so it’s a bit of a splurge, but can you put the price tag at comfort? James Perse, the company behind seemingly every Silicon Valley CEO’s wardrobe (Hi Evan Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg) one of the most comfortable T-shirts available. And just as the founder and CEO of Snapchat have turned the brand’s 60 v-neck into a staple item, you too can turn the James Perse Luxe Lotus Jersey Tee the centerpiece of your wardrobe.

The Lotus is a simple, effortless scoop neck shirt that seems to look good with just about anything. Round necks tend to be flattering for women with round faces, and the Lotus has a scoop neck that is low enough to be interesting, but not so low that you’ll constantly be adjusting your shirt to hide your bra.

The Lotus is made with 100% cotton and is cut just short enough to ensure that you don’t look sloppy even when it’s not tucked in.

Beautiful scoop neck cut, very comfortable, great for layering.

If you’re not comfortable potentially spending $100+ on a shirt, then James Perse isn’t the right place to look.

Price $165

The Best V-neck T-shirt

Pact Brand

Made from organic cotton and perfect when oversized, you’ll want to wear Pact’s great v-neck every single day.

I’m a big fan of Pact products. The brand makes clothing for both men and women and specializes in basics made from certified organic cotton that is extremely soft and extremely affordable. Also, the Pact doesn’t expect its buyers to be rail-thin, and as such, the models showing off the clothing on its website look like real women, which is refreshing.

One of my favorite things about the Pact is, of course, the featherweight V-neck Tee. It’s a slightly fitted shirt (like most V-necks) that hits around the hips (if you’re a little on the patty site). Able to display curves. However, it tapers downwards, so you don’t feel like you’re being sucked in.

Made of breathable, sustainably-sourced, organic cotton; super affordable; great fit.

Limited color options.

Price $20

The Best Boyfriend-fit T-shirt

Mott & Bow Brand

For the ultimate boyfriend fit, just buy the shirt someone’s boyfriend would wear – specifically, Driggs from Mott & Bow.

You can acknowledge that. You bought your man that T-shirt from Mott & Bow not because you wanted him to wear it, but because you wanted to wear it. There is no shame in that. Sometimes, men’s shirts are a bit more comfortable, with their extra roominess and the ability to wear as a bit questionable dress. And if you’re looking for particularly comfortable boys ‘and girls’ t-shirt, look no further than Mott & Bow.

Available as both a Crew Neck and V-Neck, the Driggs collection T-shirts are preshrunk, made out of 100% combed cotton jersey in Peru, and are available in five colors: white, heather gray, navy, dark gray, and black. The fit is, as the brand describes, “not too slim, nor too loose,” which is perfect for days when you just want to wear a shirt and a pair of leggings.

The shirt is extremely soft, and like many of our other favorite picks, preshrunk to avoid any additional size issues after a few cycles in the wash. I particularly appreciate that the Crew Neck from Mott & Bow does not lose its shape over time. While other crew necks seem to gradually stretch out, the Mott & Bow tee looks just as it did when I first bought it.

Great materials, quality construction, preshrunk, basic color selection.

As it’s made for men, some women may not love the fit of this shirt.

Price $30

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