Best Women’s Accessories For 2020 – Buying Guide

Many women do not wear accessories. Maybe it’s out of habit or because they don’t think it’s important. Also, let’s face it, sometimes in the morning when you run late and have barely time to get dressed, not to mention jewelry or other accessories. However, wearing accessories has a big impact on what many people think. Just because you don’t pay attention to the details doesn’t mean that no one else does

If you feel like you want to wear accessories and improve your accessories game, we’re here to help. Our List 2020 collects all the best women’s accessories for you to use. With our tips and tricks, any woman can wear the right kind of accessories and look amazing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories until you are comfortable with the right pieces that work for you.


If you haven’t used the bracelet before, now is the time to get started. For some time now bracelets have been one of the top accessories for women and they will continue to be there in 2020.

Your style depends on what type of bracelet you like best. Whether you’re in classic clothes or street style or anything in between, there’s a perfect bracelet that fits that style perfectly. Remember that a bracelet should be there as fine detail. Not as the attraction of your outfit, but definitely as a distinct part of the look.

If your style is elegant and beautiful and you regularly wear blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, and high heels, your styling will be enhanced with delicate chains/cuff bracelets in precious metal colors, which are crystal or Enhanced with pearls. If your style is running more smoothly and your wardrobe is made up of more comfortable and casual clothes, such as hoodiesjeans, and sneakers, a more laid-back bracelet may be more appropriate for you. Try a pearl bracelet for example.


Depending on the style of the bracelet, you can wear only one or stack several to maximize the effect. If one bracelet is not enough, you can stack as many thin chain bracelets and cuff bracelets on the same wrist. However, do not match the bracelet on both your wrists. Preferably, leave one wrist unattended.


Earrings are a very small but important detail. Of course, there are all kinds of earrings, including drop earringshoop earrings, and statement earrings that all vary in size, but the most commonly used earrings are small stud earrings. Some people think that “there is no point in wearing short earrings, no one will pay attention to them anyway”, but this is wrong. You may be surprised at how much attention other people pay to the details. If you are wearing small, beautiful earrings, they will attract attention.

If you are not used to wearing earrings, you may want to start small. Make yourself a beautiful and timeless pair of stud earrings in your favorite precious metal. These types of earrings are great for everyday use, they go on casual days as well as in the office and at special events. Due to their small size, they can be paired with any necklace and hair accessories.

If you’re looking for a more dashing look, choose a bigger, eye-catching pair of earrings. For example, hoop earringstassel earringsstatement earrings, and delicate but sizable wire earrings are totally in style in 2020.


One thing is for sure, wristwatches are never out of style. The watch is a kind of self-expression. The style of the watch on your wrist tells other people a lot about your lifestyle. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a watch to wear. Some people just want to own a good quality watch that they can use on any occasion. Others are more preferred and have different types of watches and they have more than one different wristwatch which they can also replace daily.

Women’s watch trends in 2020 continue in a quite simple style, similar to what we have seen in past years. Plain designs, neutral colors, precious metals, leather, and marble are all features that will be seen in the top watches of 2020.

Keep in mind that to get the perfect look, the metals of your watch should match the other metals used in your clothes, accessories, and jewelry. In this way, the whole set of clothes will be in harmony and will be perfectly put together.


A watch is something that other people also pay attention to. We recommend having at least two watches – this makes it easier to pair your watch with your other jewelry and clothing.


Handbags are one of the largest and most noticeable accessories a woman can wear, thus, making it one of the most significant and important ones.

Your handbag doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If it’s in good shape and looks well kept, it’s enough. There’s nothing worse than women wearing threadbare handbags with otherwise a great outfit. That if anything ruins the whole outfit.

You might be able to survive with just one handbag, but most women prefer having multiple bags in different sizes, colors, and styles. This is for a good reason since many occasions require a certain type of handbag. If you own just one bag, there are so many different situations where the perfectly suitable handbag is something else that the one that you own.

Another thing to consider when choosing a handbag is, to what purpose you need it for. For work or school, you usually need a spacious bag that has room enough for your books, laptop, lunch, essentials, etc. On a night out, a big bag is just in the way, and what you usually prefer is a smaller crossbody or clutch bag, that holds your essentials but not much more. There are situations like this and countless others, and having a suitable bag for all of them makes life so much better. As said before, your handbags don’t have to cost a fortune, so don’t worry about not being able to afford them.


If you’re on a tight budget, focus on neutral colors and versatile bags. Pay for quality, but not for brand. This way you will have the most bang for your buck


Rings are more than just a wedding band. Wearing rings makes you look beautiful and shows people that you pay attention to details. Wearing a ring is probably the easiest way to add beauty to your outfit as it is a small accessory that cannot be worn fundamentally wrong. If you find your rings of metal and colors match your other accessories and clothing, this is a great way to complement your outfit and make it look perfect.

The three main women’s ring trends for 2020 are elegant, expensive-looking crystal rings, eye-catching statement rings, and thin, simple rings that you can stack to create the perfect combination. They are all beautiful and elegant choices, just pick whatever style works best for you and goes well with your outfit.

Elegant, Crystal Rings

Elegant, Expensive-Looking Crystal Rings are Expensive-looking but affordable rings often look like their costly sisters but are made of more affordable materials. Instead of diamonds, they are enhanced with cubic zircons, and instead of being full goldplatinum, or gold, rose they are plated with them. Well-cut cubic zircons look almost identical to diamonds, and cannot be distinguished with the bare eye. Since this kind of rings look a lot more expensive than they are, wearing one is a great way to add some luxe to your look, even if you’re on a budget.

Eye-Catching Rings

Eye-Catching Statement Rings are the perfect companion on a night out or at a party. They are quite massive, making them a great centerpiece of your outfit. With a statement ring, you don’t need other rings, since it’s at its best when worn alone. Statement rings often come in eye-catching colors and designs, which suits perfectly to their ornamental nature.

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are very trendy at the moment. As they are stacked on many fingers, they can attract the attention, and as they are individually very subtle, simple, and thin, you can easily control the volume and placement of the rings. The most popular metals of stacked rings in 2020 will be silver and gold since they are the most timeless ones and the easiest to combine to any outfit.


When wearing a statement ring or cocktail ring, make sure your nails are clean and preferably polished. The statement ring draws attention to your hands, so you want to make sure your nails look beautiful.


Sunglasses are both practical and timeless. Sunglasses will be extremely trendy in 2020 and they deserve the spot as the best women’s accessory for 2020. Sunglasses were first created to protect eyes from all the harmful rays of the sun. Some people own numerous pairs so they can match the right pair of sunglasses with the occasion, their outfit, and their mood.

Whether you like to wear sunglasses or not, you definitely should own a classic pair of neutral-colored sunglasses, like cat-eye sunglasses or round sunglasses. Be it a casual day, party, these glasses can be easily used anywhere. If all the basics are covered, you can start playing with colors and textures, and maybe add some mirror lenses to top up the look


Don’t be afraid of statement sunglasses with large lenses. Big sunglasses are always in style, looks trendy and feminine, and catches the eye.

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