Best Sequin Dress Tips – Buying Guide

Tips For Sequin Dress to Wear at Work

How to wear sequins at work? Sequin dresses can be tricky in the office. Often associated with evening wear, sequins look just as amazing at work, as long as you keep a couple of tips in mind.

  • For daytime wear, a sequin dress looks more important in muted colors and matte-finish sequins look more understated. The brighter the sequins, the more suitable it is for the evening in low light places.
  • Patterns are best kept simple, or non-existent, because color blocking gives a classier effect, the best effect for the office.
  • Wearing sequins does not mean giving up workplace decoration, no matter how liberating it may be. So check the length of your sequin skirt, for example, not less than whatever your office standards are.
  • Taking care of the gurus at Sequin Queen Customs, one of the great tips about wearing sequins at work is to avoid wearing short or long sequins, even if it’s just one of them (or especially then!).
  • Accidentally throw on your bling dress in a pre-caffeine morning stupor and you’ll find that what looked incredible at the bar made it look like a disco ball gone berserk in the office.
  • Smaller Sequin items, such as skirts, minimize the impact of small items. As do items like blouses with a touch of sequins.
  • Keep your sequins apparel as part of an outfit so you can limit the sequins to one item. For example, a sequin skirt with a non-sequin blouse, or a sequined jacket with a regular fabric dress. One sequin piece is usually more than enough for a particular work.
  • Keep jewelry as simple as possible, especially if your sequin item is a blouse or jacket and therefore with necklaces and earrings. It’s best to keep other accessories simple, so avoid any kind of beads, pearls, or crystals on shoes and bags with any sequins on them.
  • Don’t worry that your sequins might not be practical for work because they are difficult to clean. Many modern sequin items can be hand-washed or machine-washed in a gentle cycle. Check tags and other manufacturer’s information before buying. (And if you wash the sequins dress in the machine, use a laundry bag to prevent the loose sequins from disappearing in the mechanics).
  • If your workday keeps changing, with an evening event, you just can’t get home to change for beforehand, congratulate yourself. One of the great benefits of wearing sequins to work is that you can convert to evening dress without adding anything.
  • Or, if you’re already wearing sequins, remove just one item, like a plain jacket, and let the blouse or skirt sequins do their work unordered.

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