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A messenger bag is a type of satchel. The Satchel comes in a large number of different shapes and sizes, with all kinds of straps and handles. But, there are some key features of a satchel that qualify it as a messenger bag. 


The messenger bag has a cross-body strap and is meant to be worn on the back of the lower body, then pulled to the side or front to reach the contents. This makes them ideal for wearing while walking or riding a bike, or cycle. 


Messenger bags began with the delivery of important documents by courier. Therefore, a true messenger bag will have a means of closing securely in order to protect its contents. Buckles, straps, and zippers are commonly used and can easily add maximum styling to a messenger bag as a function. 


Messenger bags are associated with briefcases and are therefore called more formal (instead, with a backpack). Messenger bags can really be used, too, but if you plan to use the bag in a more formal setting like a business meeting, it will work. Traditionally, the Messenger bag has a weather-proof exterior such as waxed canvas, But messenger bags can now also be found in leather, adding to the professional briefcase bag style.

Best Messenger Bags for School & College Students

 Do you want to add a little style to your education life? If you are looking for a bag to carry around, it looks a little more interesting than the average bag.

Check out some of the best Messenger bags that will take you to the freshman year and beyond.

Egoelife Canvas Messenger Bag

If you are the understated type and you prefer your neutral neutrals, then this is the best messenger bag for you. Two large pockets upfront for pens or your phone, roomy enough for a 14-inch laptop or tablet, plenty of space for books And a comfortable and leash means you can bring all your college supplies with you to the dormitory or apartment without having to return in the afternoon. The Egoelife Canvas Messenger Bag comes in coffee and black colors and is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

This tough, durable Messenger of Timbuk2 is made of 100% polyesters with TPU lining, which makes it suitable to carry around in any weather. Approved by TSA, this messenger bag is all you need for your laptop, phone, pen, books, and class. You can choose from a wide variety of color combinations from sober grays, blacks, and browns to bright red and black.

Leaper Retro Messenger Bag

This is one of those unique messengers that you are likely to visit. It looks like a traditional backpack that, but is far less bulky and more understated. The Leaper Retro Messenger bag includes several pockets for phones, pens, or even smaller notebooks, and can accommodate a 10-inch tablet or 13-inch laptop. A wide bold strap means you can keep both hands free while keeping your hands safe. The flap makes it extra secure and the zippers secure everything. You can choose from many different rugged colors.

Wowbox Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

 The Wow Box Vintage Leather Messenger bag includes two large front pockets under the genuine leather flap. The flaps, straps, closures, and leather on the handles give the bag a great look. Whether you choose the 14-inch single or the 15.6-inch version, you’ll feel the same way, both on and off-campus. The shoulder strap is detachable, which is great for those times when you want to carry your messenger bag with a handle instead of a strap over your shoulder. Internal recruitment will keep your electronics and phone well protected. You can choose one of the few colors in both sizes.

Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag

If you prefer eco-friendly bags, you’ll love this laptop bag with its all-natural cotton canvas exterior. Mobile Edge ECO laptop bags have lots of pen loops and pockets for small items such as phones or tablets. It also has a padded, dedicated laptop pocket and a removable identification pocket with a simple ring so you can scan in and out of campus buildings without the hassle of digging through a purse or backpack. When your shoulders are full, a generous shoulder strap provides maximum comfort.

CoolBELL Convertible Messenger Bag

When is the Messenger Hog not a Messenger bag? When it quickly and easily turns into a bag that you can use for travel. The bold straps on this bag and the extra capacity mean you have to keep clothes worth at least three days. And all the small pockets and pen loops mean you can keep everything on hand, whether you’re stuck at an airport or just in a student center.

Berchirly Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag

Whether you want a bigger one for your small laptop or you need to be tough and heavy with their extra size, You’ll love the Berchirly Vintage Canvas Messenger bag. These bags come in different sizes and colors to suit your needs as well as your personal aesthetics. The corduroy gives it a special, vintage feel, the magnetic images keep your luggage safe and secure, and the padded shoulder strap is comfortable. Even when things get heavy. No matter what color or size you choose, when you use this messenger bag you are sure to get the admiration and the eye of envy.

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