Best Handbags – Women’s Handbags 2021

Different Types Of Handbags For Women


We can never get enough of them, nor can we get many of them! Don’t listen to anyone else. If you are a handbag holder (which most of us are), you should know about the different types of handbags so that you can buy most of them in different types.

Best Types Of Handbags or Women’s Handbags And Wallets For Women are given below.

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag or everyday bag is the most active bag of them all. And, each brand has its variations, which makes it more difficult to resist buying multiple ones from different brands. But, we’re not complaining, are we? They are big and fit in all your bare needs.


Satchel is perfect for working women. They hit the sweet spot between everyday handbags and laptop bags. Plus, you don’t have to carry two bags. It can fit all your basics as well as your gadget. But, remember to invest in a strong bag and good quality – they need to last longer, so you can’t afford anything sloppy!

Sling Bag

Sling bag or crossbody bag is functional, comfortable, and stylish. It’s great for shopping, working and traveling. If you are with kids, a sling bag is perfect! And they come in all sizes. Functional, elegant, and everyday essential.

Quilted Bag

Quilted bags are considered iconic, and there are some fashionable branded items that people dream of buying. If you are thinking of investing in a bag and do not own one of these, go for it. Chanel, Prada, and Hermes have some great and best-quilted bag options, and such an investment would go a long way. Bags like these add to your style statement and enhance your overall look.


A clutch or “A Day Clutch” is just classy, beautiful and pure sophistication, because when we are all dressed up for a party, we can’t manage a huge bag. The only problem for some people is not being able to decide what to take and what to leave but, hey, it’s worth it. However, if you are the person who can’t just make a small clutch, some brands offer clutches with compartments and thus give you more space than usual. But, every girl needs a clutch!


The Minaudiere is a clutch adorned with colorful stones, jewels, pearls, etc. So, when you attend a special event, cocktail party, a wedding or an evening party. If so, you should carry a Minaudiere instead of a clutch. And, for these special days, we need a Minaudiere.

Hobo Bag

The Hobo is a shoulder style bag but not that wide. The shape of the crescent makes equal parts of the bag formal and comfortable. If you are frustrated with your regular totes and shoulder bags, choose Hobo – it will be a wonderful addition to your collection.


Wristlets are just like your wallet but are much more functional and comfortable to carry. Coach and Louis Vuitton have some fancy and beautiful looking wristlets. They also have enough space to keep your cards, cash, and phone, and you can carry it on your wrist and be free palms.

Beach Bag

You need a bag for your vacation. Don’t pay attention to what they say. Buy a jute or straw basket bag – it’s both waterproof and stylish, and it fits in all your stuff when you decide to dive into the sea. Get one already.


A wallet, or a purse, as some say, is an integral part of a girl’s handbag. And it’s quite personal for each of us. You can make a lot of statements with it, so pick something up accordingly.

Your options are unlimited when it comes to bags and wallets. Do you have a favorite brand? Or, a dream bag you’ve been looking at for some time. Let us know by leaving a text in the comments section below.


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