5 Best Menswear Brands in America – Top 5 Men’s Clothing Brands in America 2020 – Buying Guide

When it comes to personal style, the US Brits have a rich heritage that includes high-quality craftsmanship and classic design. 

We know what to buy and we know our clothes. but what of other nations I hear you cry? Men’s wear is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing and largest sectors of the fashion industry, and standard clothing is a universal language.

Best American clothing brands for men’s

Some of the best American clothing brands for men are listed below in Fashion Trends.


The favorite label from across the pond, J.Crew, garnered a worldwide following with everyone from Jay Leno to the Obamas seen sporting the brand. And if that’s good enough for Michelle and Barack, it’s definitely for me.

In the UK, J. Crew tapped into East Coast Ivy League culture without reverting to overt branding or following the moment-to-moment trends. Instead, we’ve come up with a range of solid and colorful basics that can help you build a successful capsule wardrobe that lasts all year round.

Sadly, the British prep style has largely been replaced by the ‘rah’ movement – flip Flops, Jack Wills tracksuit bottoms, lots of pounding, and nodding. You knew the look, and there’s a dire need for a cure.

Apply these features, with a little bit of destructive payoff, and expertise in educational classical aesthetics (after which Oxbridge was launched). A symbol of classic and eternal.


After hitting the century anniversary mark, Scott NYC is a versatile, versatile American brand that has grown over a hundred years.

Dressing everyone from James Dean to Blondie, the label often falls under UK radar but anyone can predict that change is imminent. The leather biker jacket (an iconic piece of true American style) was revolutionized by these guys and kick-starting a timeless trend is probably one of the most difficult things for a fashion brand to pull off.

So, if you are in the market for your first leather or an on a trend biker jacket, Schott should be your first port of call. Premium materials, classic design, and a genuine sense of authenticity make their selection of outerwear a real investment that will last you for years to come, and never go out of style. Marlon Brando in “The Wild One wearing his Schott Perfect jacket.

New York’s recklessness has always been a trend and there is no better alternative than Schott.


Kings of Classic Workwear, Carhartt has been granting that coveted hunter-gatherer look ever since 1889. And, keeping with their blue-collar roots, they still sponsor American rodeos and Future Farmers America events. Agricultural and on point – who’ve had thought it?

Crops aside, the yearly hunt for the best winter coat is like finding the golden fleece itself, and it is often hard to build a seasonal wardrobe that is stylish and functional. Well, this check-friendly heavyweight has been producing practical, heritage over layers for decades, and I can’t recommend them more.

Band of Outsiders

With a client base that includes Frank Ocean, Max Minghella, and Josh Brolin, Band of Outsiders are the rising stars of the American apparel market.

Premium in price but high in quality, every single piece has a sense of effortlessness – there’s nothing too try-hard about a Band of Outsiders shirt. All the key aspects of US fashion – workwear, varsity, and sports luxe design – have been seamlessly fused and the result is an incredibly sharp line-up that would bolster any wardrobe.

Come on, guys have got to enjoy some luxury too right? If you’re more of an investment buyer than a trend purchaser, then this is most certainly the label for you.

Engineered Garments

As men’s wear evolved, we did the unthinkable: we embraced prints. We embraced the pattern. We also embraced florals.

The men’s fashion eye is larger than ever in recent seasons and it’s brands like Engineered Garments that we owe thanks to. Unafraid of polka dots, Botanics, or color, this tailored label embraces sartorial eccentricities whilst still maintaining a level of style – not an easy feat.

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