Best Women’s Jeans – Buying Guide

Denim – such as white button-down, black t-shirts, and just the right crewneck sweatshirt – is one of the things that can be overwhelming to buy from a deceptively simple clothing staple. To find out which new and old faithful denim is worth buying, we asked 26 stylish women of all shapes and sizes to tell us about the jeans that fit their body, wear well There are, and has a range (so you can wear them easily. Pair the heel as much as you can with a white tee).

We’ve sorted them out for easy reference and fit – even though some items can occupy multiple categories. And if you’re looking for white jeans, we’ve also found the best version of them.

Best Women’s Jeans Brands and Price

Straight-leg Women’s Jeans

Everlane Brand

 Cheeky Straight Jean Price $50

For those who don’t like skinny leg jeans or any sort of flare, the best middle of the road is the straight leg. Alysia Alex, Art and Design Partnership Manager at,  always return these jeans from Everlane, which runs ankle length at five-feet-four-frame. “They’re very cheap, and fit in the right place (they’re called cheeky for a reason.


Denim Leila Jeans Price $289

People who want straight-legged jeans to look slim fit want to consider this SLVRLAKE pair, recommended by luxury sock designer Elizabeth Reid. SLVRLAKE is a brand new brand that uses Italian open-denim (it is believed to produce the perfect vintage-inspired wash and give the jeans a soft and strong feel). “They fit perfectly and don’t stretch,” says Reid. “They are timeless, soft, and extraordinarily comfortable.” Her favorite way to style it is with socks and a pair of heels.

NYDJ Brand

Slim Straight Ankle Jeans Price $109

Celebrity make-up artist Kelsey Deenihan wears black jeans almost every day, and this NYDJ pair is her go-to. She talks about the jeans, “They are so comfortable and even better, flattering, for ladies like myself who have that booty, which is available in sizes 00-28 and feature “Curves 360” Denim, a material that molds and shapes the body. “They have the perfect amount of stretch.” They barely feel like denim, says Deenihan. “I don’t like feeling too constricted, especially with all my travels and work, so they’re great. Also, I love a brand that celebrates women with curves.”

Levi’s Brand

 Wedgie High Waist Straight Jeans Price $98

If you prefer a black wash made of more rigid denim, we recommend Levi’s high-top jeans. It has a hidden-button fly, a bottom that will sit flush against your tush without sagging, and a comfortable fit that is perfect to pair with Doc Martens. (Bird owner Jennifer Mankins and Madewell Design Head Joyce Lee are both fans.)

Skinny Jeans

Madewell Brand

 High Rise Skinny Jeans Price $128

A hit for decades, skinny jeans are still a versatile style in your jean repertoire. Vogue veteran Plum Sykes likes her high-waisted and from Madewell for that “American casual beach chic with French left-bank” look. She says they are very versatile since they are “very, very high, very waisted, very flattering much cheaper than the J Brand.”

Measure & Made Brand

 Skinny Ankle Jean Price $80

Actress and real estate broker Tonya Canady says, “I am curvy, five feet three with a small waist and belly, and abundant booty and thick thighs.” Before looking for a pair of jeans from Measure & Made, Canady says she would have to go to a tailor for plus size jeans to get the waist gap inside. With these, the gap is not an issue: “The company’s measurement system meant I could pick up pants according to my specifications,” she says. “I’ve finally got jeans and pants that hug every curve of my body.” Measurement System – What they call FITLOGIC allows you to take quizzes to decide which of the brand’s pants will fit you best, depending on your curves and the areas where you tend to gain and lose weight.

DL1961 Brand

 Florence Skinny Jeans Price $99

Marian Cheng, co-founder of Mimi Cheng’s dumplings, favors of mid-rise and high-rise skinny jeans, with this pair of sustainable, durable denim brand DL1961 for soft material and curve-hugging ability.

Everlane Brand

 High-Rise Skinny Jean Price $68

TyLnn Nguyen, the designer and creative director behind the clothing label as his name suggests, says his favorite and most popular is jean Everlane’s high-rise skinny, because of her comfort and stretch. The pants were especially useful in the months after the birth of their third child: “They are stretchy, perfect, comfortable for changing bodies.” She says, no to mention that the classic high-rise fit is just “chic and comfortable”.

Citizens Of Humanity Brand

 Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans Price $198

Lorna Burford, who has worked in the denim industry for over a decade and founded the Jeans Blog, lives in the citizen’s Humanity skinnies. “I’m looking for lightweight denim with super stretch, so it’s a lot like wearing leggings, and you feel supported by them instead of suffocating.” They’re made with four-way stretch to move with you and to flatter the body: “I never have to worry about the muffin top or the builder’s butt and I find they elongate my legs, too, so it’s a bonus.”

Cropped and Petite Jeans

Re/Done Brand

 High Rise Ankle Crop Jeans Price $250

The Los Angeles label Re / Done also sells repurposed Levies (which has won over the big Amy Loroca in New York’s fashion editor, and appears more on the list), but of a kind founder, Erica Cerulo, says Their newly released label Jeans is just as good. “I discovered after testing about 17 pairs from their vintage line – that I like the jeans that the brand makes from scratch even more.” She is committed to their high-rise ankle crop, because “the fit and rise are just right for me (no waistbands-gaps or extremely tight calves), the frayed edge is chill, and they don’t expose too much ankle.”


 Riley High Rise Straight Crop Price $198

The two men recommended the cropped pair from the L.A-based brand EGOLDE, which makes ethically upright denim. Tyger Tyger copywriter Leah Sookoo calls out the “flatter, lengthen, slim, beautify fit” as something of a holy grail find for her petite, curve frame, and Wiley Body co-founder Vanessa Wade is equally obsessed. With the rise of “11.5”, they accentuate my butt like no other.”

Citizens Of Humanity Brand

 Charlotte Crop High Rise Straight Jeans Price $195

Michelle Wang, Ssense product manager, likes the elongating effect of the crop on these “classic, simple, and chic blue jeans” from citizens of humanity. “It’s a light washed pale indigo color, which I like to cover with a winter coat to bring a bit of freshness. In hot weather, the style looks great with just a basic t-shirt.

Loft Brand

Petite Modern Skinny Jeans Price $70

For petite women on a budget, strategist writer Karen Iorio Adelson recommends loft jeans. She identifies the brand’s wide range of petite options – and that with their 26-and-a-half-inch inseam, they work vertically for the challenge. “These jeans have become one of my favorite pairs over the last year. They hold their shape very well, which is great for me because I’ve worn them many times between washing.

Wide-leg Jeans

Reformation Brand

Fawcett Jean Price $128

“It’s hard to find wide-legged jeans that are also flattering on your butt, but they do the trick,” says Lee. She appreciates the leg elongating high rise of the jeans, and the fact that they are made of rigid denim. “It’s my opinion that non-stretch denim is more flattering because it’s substantial, and that’s why it doesn’t look like a legging,” says Lee. “These crops mean they’re perfect to wear with a pair of booties or sneakers with socks.”

American Apparel Brand

 Crop Wide Leg Jean Price $63

Mia Ghogho, a bright wash, painter, textile artist, and style blogger, recommends the jeans of American Apparel jeans for anything. The price point and quality are fine, and she loves the cut: “They’re just slim in the thigh area than the opening width of the legs, so they give me the perfect triangular silhouette that I love.” She pairs them ankle or calf shoes with them, but they will also work with shoes or sandals in the spring.

Mom Jeans

Bershka Brand

 High Waist Mom Jeans Price $36

Stylist Lindsey Shores says, “My favorite cut of jeans, which can easily be styled normalized or non-normalized, high-rise jeans are solid straight leg or mom fit.” She wore this pair of high-waisted mother jeans from Zara sister Brand Bershka on repeat lately, and for just $ 36, they’re very budget-friendly.


urban Renewal Brand

Vintage Levis 501/505 Straight Leg Jean Price $79

The vintage denim enthusiasts we spoke to for this story mentioned that they scour vintage stores and flea markets, especially for Levi’s. Sustainable fashion vlogger Jenny Wellbourn favor buying oversize, comfortable fit levis 515s, which she said you can score on Etsy or at stores like The Break. Model Gabrielle Bassett mentions that you can buy some of her favorite Levi’s 501s among Urban Outfitters’ selection of vintage urban Renewal pieces: “The mid to high-waist cut and straight leg with 100% cotton denim are my favorite, especially a pair of white tee or kitten heels in the summer.

Re/Done Brand

x Levi’s High Rise Ankle Crop Jeans Price $319

Jenny Lee, a founder of the luxury sock brand Comme Si, says that Re/Done’s repurposed Levi’s ankle crop is her “must-have everyday pair of jeans.” They’re the pair she packs in her Carry-on when she travels, and the one she most often turns to when getting dressed. “I’ll start my day trying on different pairs of jeans but inevitably go for these,” Lee says. “They’re form-fitting in the right places, the high rise creates a lifting and flattering effect on the butt, and I like that the skinny leg silhouette is narrow, but not skin-tight, so they don’t look like leggings.” Lee, who is five-foot-six told us that the cropped length of the jeans works well for her frame because it shows “a little ankle, but not so much that it makes me look shorter.”

Ripped and Distressed Jeans

Madewell Brand

9-Inch High-Rise Skinny Jeans Price $128

If you prefer an artful rip or two, you can also try this Medewell pair, recommended by travel and food writer Kate Odell.

“Over the years I’ve been dropping hundreds of dollars on designer jeans, including some Rag & Bone and J brands, but now it’s my No. 1,” she says. She has a tiny bit of stretch and is hit just above the ankle, and she says her pair is perfect with low shoes. “I live in them.”

Maternity Jeans

Paige Brand

Transcend Ankle Skinny Maternity Jeans Price $149

Finding maternity jeans without the overlay stretchy baby bump material – which, while effective, is sort of fugly – is tough for mothers to expect. Kat Braun finds the over-the-bump panels “too hot and itchy,” which is why she’s happy she stumbled upon Paige Verdugo’s jeans with subtle elasticized side paneling. “The side elastic stayed up and they were very comfortable, as well as fitting and sizing were truer to non-maternity jeans than other brands as I tried.”

Madewell Brand

Maternity Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans in Danny Wash Price $138

If you don’t mind that baby-bump stretch, many pregnant reviewers have deemed these, “perfect maternity jeans” from Madewell. Strategist writer Lauren Ro wore them while pregnant, and described them as “pull-on skinnies with Trompe-l’oeil fly and an over-the-belly stretchy band that has enough room to expand as my stomach expands.” She notes that you can wear the band pulled over your belly in the final stages of pregnancy or folded over and tucked in when you don’t need it.

H&M Brand

MAMA Girlfriend Ankle Jeans Price $50

Bathen co-founder Hannah Zisman says that at five months pregnant, “it’s surprisingly difficult to find a cool pair of maternity jeans that isn’t a skinny style.” After much research, she landed on the pair from H&M’s Conscious Collection, which she says looks exactly like regular jeans and have a stretchy ribbed band that will continue to accommodate her expanding belly. “Besides, they’re cheap, which wins knowing that I’ll only wear them for a limited time,” says Zisman.

Plus-Size Jeans

Wit & Wisdom Brand

Absolution Stretch Skinny Jeans Price $78

Comfortable with flattering plus-size jeans are hard to come by, too: plus-size blogger Emily Bastedo could never find such a pair that fit properly unless she stumbled upon Wit and Wisdom. “Not only are they cheap, but I also wear some flattering jeans. With the stretch fabric, they are comfortable all day but never have saggy.” There are also lacking in any overt stretch paneling. “I’m very grateful that Wit & Wisdom has ‘hidden’ this feature. I have more than one pair in all the different washes and they still look brand new.

Celebrity Pink Brand

 Plus Size High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans Price $20

Plus-size style blogger Kristine Thompson blog Trendy Curvy considers celebrity pink to be the best fitting, most budget-friendly plus size denim on the market, often priced at 30 and less. “They have a great blend of stretch and structure so they’re the best everyday jean,” she says.

NYDJ Brand

Women’s Plus Size Alina Skinny Convertible Ankle Jeans Price $68

Thompson also likes NYDJ’s plus-size denim collection, which he says is his most comfortable plus-size jeans, due to the sheer amount of stretch and the curve-hugging material (you May need to be size down on NYDJ’s denim). They hold their stretch after a couple of washes, she assures, and come in a variety of styles and sizes, up to 28w.

Raw Denim

Imogene + Willie Brand

 Catherine Indigo Rigid Price $225

There is a certain class of denim heads that are serious about wearing only raw denim exclusively, even if they are A.P.C. Take the original or even more recent, which is a little less rigid for women with curves. Lauren Levy points us off to one brand fitting that sells these fabrics for a woman’s body. Imogene + Willie. “They do really beautiful high-rise that is 100 percent cotton and traditional mid-rise that use the same fabric that the brand uses for their men’s raw denim.”

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